Green Goals for the district


Better Financial Oversight and Accountability

Research new methods of revenue
Consider the budget as the building block for the foundation of a sound financial future
FInd ways to redistribute general funds to areas in need
Find new and alternative methods to finance the schools budget
Stop further cuts and erosion of the district budget

Continuing district path of technology for classes
Acquire new technological equipment for teachers and students
Get more online classes for different subjects
Promote our students use and knowledge of technology with them not against them
Become more interactive globally creating sister schools throughout the world

Increase student enrollment
Market our schools as the basis for attracting more families and funding
Putting our excellent school system as the basis for new residents to move into our district

Promoting the excellence of past graduates of the district achievement to areas outside of the district and to universities so that Rowland can be the envy of school districts nationwide

Forward looking educational system
Allow our teachers to utilize new teaching methods in the classroom
Have alternative classes to instill interest in learning
Provide and promote more foreign language studies for our diverse student body

More community involvement
Create stronger ties to our local non-profit and business community
Promote more volunteerism at our schools
Inform students of internships and financial opportunities for college