Declining Enrollment



Fact- For the last 5 school years (2004-05 through 2008-09) the district has been losing students.
Fact- School revenues depend on school enrollment
Fact- When school enrollment declines, revenues decline

Despite these facts, the years of 2004-05 through 07-08 there was in increase in school revenues.
However, even with the the knowledge that decreses in enrollment means the same decrease in revenues, nothing was done to preclude the loss of the nearly 9 million dollars in the school budget, and the loss of 90 or more jobs.

9 million dollars and 90 jobs


Budget Reductions

The entire school district began drastic across the board cuts in the budget.

Financial Irresponsibility

The numbers do not reflect cohesive school budget predictions.

Parcel Tax Attempt

The school district tried to reconcile these deficits by attempting a parcel tax which required a 2/3 majority.

It failed as there was no overwhelming majority that wanted to be taxed more for the services that were already being provided.

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